First Love Eau De Parfum

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Introducing First Love, a new sister to our modern romantic LOVE fragrance. It’s the kind of love that’s pure, untainted and filled with potential. It’s a unique combination of innocence and sensuality, never to be forgotten, now captured in scent. The heart of this fragrance combines two delicate first blooms of spring: budding Violet Leaf and Lily of the Valley. Pure and “green” in scent, these notes mix with soft, Sheer Musk for a skin-hugging and effortless feel. First Love amplifies your natural sensuality, so you smell like you, only better.

* Eau de Parfum is our most pure, concentrated version of the fragrance
* Fragrance family: Fresh Floral
* Notes: Violet Leaf, Lily of the Valley and Sheer Musk
* 100ml/3.4 oz
* Domestic